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The Berry Tree is a new and dynamic platform from Nutronix International in conjunction with Automatic Builder. The Berry Tree is a portal program which Nutronix International produced to create a secondary income stream. Automatic Builder is the company behind the success of both The Berry Tree and Nutronix International. Marketing is key to success within the MLM and Network Marketing Industry. Without good marketing, a company cannot survive. Automatic Builder has supplied that extra edge and now introduces a different kind of system. A Worlds-First in Network Marketing history.

Retire Quickly Network Marketing is proud to have this opportunity to introduce you to this great new concept. We hope that after reading, you will see what an amazing new breakthrough this is in reality. No-one else has this system and this will never be copied, due to patented protection and copywrite implementation.

The Berry Tree - Why is this so special?

Nutronix International realized that not everyone has the basic recruiting skills that are needed to create results. Automatic Builder filled this gap but we wanted to create a business that levelled the playing field for everyone. The Berry Tree has now created that opportunity. Nutronix International, is a seven year old company that markets 20 exclusive quality products. Since its conception in 1999, the company has produced scientifically proven nutritional products that are guaranteed to work. Automatic Builder marketed those products through a series of about 16,000 distributors world-wide. The Berry Tree will increase that number dramatically, as it is powered by Automatic Builder and Horizons Marketing. A Fortune 500 advertising company. Nutronix International is poised for record growth during 2007.

The Berry Tree requires no sponsorship. Part of the $49.95 per month fee, goes towards corporate advertising. Nutronix International and Automatic Builder, powered by Horizons Marketing, takes only the fees it acquires through Guaranteed results. In other words, every cent that you spend on advertising through The Berry Tree monthly fee, only gets paid for results. That's the new way people advertise. You really can't fail because Automatic Builder doesn't get paid by Nutronix International, unless someone signs up as a paid member. That member in turn, gets placed under someone within The Berry Tree structure. Only then, does Nutronix International pay Automatic Builder for achieved results.

The Berry Tree is a simple to operate business that will run on auto-pilot. You never need recruit or sponsor anyone, to earn money each month. Nutronix International takes care of your advertising budget and gets you the results and placements you need to grow your business, through Automatic Builder.

Of course, if you want to grow your Berry Tree business faster than by normal placements, then you can use Automatic Builder and the GTT's (Guaranteed Tour Takers) to accomplish that aim. As you grow your business with The Berry Tree, you can also grow your Nutronix business at the same time. It takes no more effort or time, to build both. We have a winning combination here, thanks to Nutronix International, Automatic Builder and The Berry Tree.

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