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The Berry Tree



The Berry Tree - Nutronix International

 forms a 'More Than Healthy ' Alliance...




What is “The Berry Tree?”

The Berry Tree is a brand new concept, devised by Nutronix International in conjunction with Automatic Builder and Horizons Marketing.

Taking the main reason why 95% of all home business start-ups fail, which is the lack of affordable, good quality advertising, Nutronix International laid out a challenge to Horizons Marketing…

“Build us a system where everyone who participates will become successful…”

The result of this challenge was the introduction of ‘The Berry Tree’ program.

Horizons Marketing are an advertising and marketing company who promote and market for some of the largest Fortune 500 companies. The interesting part of this collaboration, is that they are ‘paid for performance’ not paid for advertising.

With membership of The Berry Tree, a paid position within Nutronix International and the Automatic Builder website, anyone can now become very successful with this fully automated business system. If you help the system out by doing some of the work involved, it will build even faster.

The new dual-income strategy that The Berry Tree promotes will forever change the way that MLM/Network Marketing is undertaken. This must be a good change in an industry where the attrition rate is sometimes quite appalling.

That being said, there is no early indication that The Berry Tree system will ever be shared amongst the MLM/Network Marketing community. The Berry Tree system is now undergoing patent with the US Patent Office, so it is to be well guarded against copyright.

The parent company, Nutronix International, is a debt-free Nutritional Products Manufacturer based in Mechanicsville VA. Nutronix has been trading at a lower level and building its nutritional product range for the last 6 years but came into its own 18 months ago, with the introduction of the Automatic Builder system, which has been powered by the Horizons Marketing GTT’s (Guaranteed Tour Takers).

Nutronix as a company is still in its infancy, with just 16,000 members in 60 countries worldwide, there is more than ample room for global expansion.

Nutronix certainly believes in giving ‘the science’ behind its products and promotes its life-changing characteristics through the life-extension web site…

The flagship product of Nutronix International is ‘The New Silver Solution’ and has been tested by the US Military against such viruses as Bubonic Plague and several other nasty elements. All with quite amazing results. The Nutronix New Silver Solution was also awarded its own patent.

The latest product to be released from Nutronix is the ‘Proformance Hydration’ 02 Berry product, which will be part of ‘The Berry Tree’ program. Please view this Amazing Video, which demonstrates the properties of 'Proformance Hydration'

Bob Bremner Explains The Benefits of O2 Coral Calcium

   This is an extract from The Berry Tree web site:


   TheBerrytree is a new division and additional profit center being offered by Nutronix International.

It's a collaborative effort between Nutronix, AutomaticBuilder, and top leaders from the field.
It was created to fill a need in the marketplace. Many people are looking for a program they don't have to personally work at.

This is virtually a 100% automated program.

Part of every $49.95 membership is used for guaranteed advertising to bring in new members and customers.

The more members we have the more advertising dollars we have. This ensures continual growth.

TheBerryTree is a patent pending plan that will revolutionize the network marketing industry. Specifically to you it will provide an additional revenue stream for doing exactly what you are already doing, without additional work on your part. You will be able to double, triple even quadruple your earnings simply by having an active BerryTree account.

A unique aspect of the BerryTree is that any achievement level you reach in Nutronix allows you to participate in TheBerryTree Bonus Pools. This means you can earn extra money on every single member of TheBerryTree no matter who sponsored them or when they joined. This adds to your Nutronix earnings just by being a member of TheBerryTree.

TheBerryTree will grow very similarly to a matrix. But this matrix will grow automatically. Whether you advertise or not... Because there is a Fortune 500 advertising company selling for you.

"When you become a member of Nutronix International, you have been given the unique opportunity to participate in the first network marketing program of its kind. No other business out there has anything like this and because of our patent, are very unlikely to ever have anything that even resembles this system. We officially launch very soon and our multi-million dollar advertising budget will kick in and grow TheBerryTree globally."

In an environment where a 95% failure rate is prominent, it looks like a 95% success rate will soon become inevitable. 

The Berry Tree is now live to a select number of pre-launch participants. Secure a top position today through this website and your immediate commissions will become available before we oficially launch.

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