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A Major Search Engine that PAYS YOU
to advertise.
searchEstate is revolutionary advertising:: Online Advertising, Internet Advertising, Free Advertising and Web Advertising rolled into one
Internet Advertising Solution
. It is Advertising based on an Internet search engine. We are member-based and share our advertising spaces and revenues with our members.

"I know of no other technology that guarantees top search engine placement when people search the Internet from my website! "

"So easy to promote and my 'financial freedom' is assured." "This is the most unique business opportunity for years!"

"Turning the tables on Yahoo and Google, searchEstate is the 'peoples search engine' - 'Revenue - sharing."

"It's nice to be on the 'income end' of search engine 'pay-per-click' advertising!"  

search Estate is an Internet Advertising Solution, optimized for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Our Internet Billboards are Free Advertising that increase Web Traffic. Cash in now on this revolutionary Internet Advertising Solution! searchEstate is a Self Replicating, Perpetual Advertising Machine!

Building any business online, you need powerful advertising. Until now, your only options were to pay the major search engines for your advertising requirements. searchEstate has the solution! Let's face facts, if you can't give away FREE ADVERTISING, then there's not much hope for your future in getting paid associates, is there? searchEstate guarantees top serach engine placement for your business!

Imagine being part of a major search engine, where you get paid to advertise your own business! Your own online advertising agency, where you provide the Internet Advertising Solution. Online advertising at it's best. Your own searchEstate portal, which links you to hundreds of other websites, that want free advertising. The simplicity of searchEstate, is in fact that you give away free online advertising, to build your own Internet Advertising Solution. This is not MLM, it's an affiliate program.

Let's face facts, if you can't give away free online advertising, as a way to build your own searchEstate advertising network, then there's small chance of success in any business! searchEstate is designed to increase your web traffic, promote your business, build your own advertising network, offer free advertising to others and integrate with the major serach engines, giving you maximum exposure and top search engine placement.

How long, if ever, would it take to get top search engine rankings? How much would it cost? Why not change the way you look at web advertising and give searchEstate a try? It's so versatile that even if you don't have a business, you can profit greatly by building your own advertising network and selling your free ad space back to others, on a 'pay-per-click' basis. searchEstate is the first 'peoples search engine,' where you benefit, not the corporation. Your Financial Freedom starts right here!

Part of your Internet Advertising Solution, is a well equiped back-office, where you can track your advertising network and free and pro membership details. searchEstate is the only business where your free members are worth more than your paid members. That's right, free advertising to others will give you the Internet Advertising Solution that you need, to either promote your own business, or build your own 'pay-per-click' advertising network!

searchEstate is the complete inversion of the major search engines. Instead of you paying them, others pay you. Imagine having a share of the revenue produced by the major search engines ... now you can!

Start building your free advertising network today!

Advertising is the future of wealth creation in the virtual age. The more advertising space that you own, the bigger your returns are going to become. Just like Real Estate, it's how many properties you own that guarantees your future financial freedom.

Great News!
searchEstate will shortly become self-perpetuating. As a Pro-member, you receive 1000 leads per month. Those leads will be mailed automatically, using a proven two-tier strategy, to help you build your searchEstate network.

The true business leads in networking, come from the search engines. You can either chase your prospects, or build an Internet Advertising Solution, so that they find and contact you. Remember, this is based upon giving away free advertising, so there's no selling involved.

For a more detailed description of how searchEstate works and exactly why a free member is worth more than a paid member to your Internet Advertising Solution, you must listen to the searchEstate online presentation. This will enable you to fully understand the dynamics of searchEstate.

Click below to go to the online presentation:



search Estate is the Internet Advertising Solution that is optimised for Internet Explorer and Firefox.

search Estate promotes Online Advertising, Internet Advertising, Free Advertising, Search Engine Advertising.

search Estate is the complete Internet Advertising Solution that Increases Web Site Traffic with Free Advertising and guarantees future Financial Freedom for it's members.

searchEstate Update - Free Advertising Solution Gets Results...

Free Advertising - searchEstate Update - 23rd June 2005.

While costs of paid advertising soar, members of searchEstate are experiencing a dramatic new change to the way search engine advertising is accomplished... And there is more to come...

Free Advertising Solution – searchEstate delivers in spades...

searchEstate delivers the ultimate free advertising solution online.

Advertising on the World Wide Web is a complicated and often costly affair, which rarely produces the results that are promised. Until now, search engine optimisation and top rankings were either reserved for those who had the skills, or the financial acumen to back their business ventures. Thousands of dollars are spent on advertising each and every minute of the day. Pay-per-click is one of  the most popular methods of getting traffic to your web site.

searchEstate is the very first model of its kind that actually reverses the ‘pay-per-click’ model. It is the ultimate free advertising solution that many people both want and need, to build their main business or businesses successfully. The great thing about searchEstate, is that it advertises your main business, products and services, all from a single affiliate page. That page is under your control.

Finding a lasting online solution to successful web advertising has been accomplished by this ingenious concept. What do you do to build this advertising empire? You simply give away free online advertising to others. Yes, it’s that simple. By directing all your existing traffic to your affiliate page, you are not only advertising all your businesses, products and services in one place but you are also introducing searchEstate.

If your particular business does not appeal to someone, the chances are that they will be interested in obtaining free advertising for their own business interests. That means you have just enhanced your own piece of Internet Real-Estate and increased your advertising potential. All the advertisements that you place within your own search engine portal are tracked and listed, so that further alterations can be made, to enhance your traffic potential.

The primary focus of searchEstate is upon your own main business and everything points back towards that business interest. The listings that are displayed give your business priority above all others. As you increase your network, that exposure is carried across your network of sites. What do you do to build that network? Provide others with a free advertising solution... You simply gave away a great advertising resource.

Imagine for a moment, that your main business faltered or collapsed. But you had a few thousand sites in your advertising network... You would be able to either redirect that advertising to a new business, or use searchEstate as that main business, or alternatively, rent out your ad space to other online users, using the ‘pay-per-click’ model provided by the company. Who receives the revenue? You do of course, it's your own piece of Internet real-estate that you built.

Every way, in which you look at searchEstate, it’s a win-win situation that can only enhance your position. It does not interfere with anything that you involved with but actually adds a safety curtain to future mishaps. This is the only model of its kind online. It cannot be copied or repeated but spaces in membership are limited. A bright future awaits those who have the vision to accept the searchEstate invitation.

searchEstate – Delivering on its promise of providing free advertising!

searchEstate Sample Article.

Free Web Advertising - searchEstate – The search engine advertising solution for free web traffic

Free Web Advertising - searchEstate – The search engine advertising solution for free web traffic.

searchEstate is the ultimate Internet Advertising Solution, optimised for Internet Explorer and Firefox.

To those who are not aware of searchEstate;

It’s a Major Search Engine that PAYS YOU to advertise and gets free web traffic to your website through its free web advertising ...

“searchEstate is an Internet Advertising Solution based on an Internet search engine. We are member-based and share our advertising spaces and revenues with our members.”

About searchEstate...
searchEstate is an inversion of the ‘pay-per-click’ model employed by the major search engines. It’s like having your own SEO Company working for you 24/7. searchEstate is becoming known as ‘the peoples search engine’ because it allows the individual to profit from Internet advertising, instead of the major corporations.

searchEstate gives fast search results and you can even share revenue from the free web advertising. Internet advertising fees that the searchEstate search engine generates, is shared amongst its members..

The Difference...
Until now, free web advertising was only available to those who knew the search engine optimisation techniques required for top placement. searchEstate is a search engine that changes the way you advertise. Now it is possible, without specific technical knowledge, to attain top search engine rankings and get free web traffic to your site.

The Alternatives...
searchEstate has two modules, free and pro versions.

The free version allows you to build a Free Web Advertising network that rotates around the search engine on millions of pages, thus giving your business great exposure. The more people that are in your free advertising network, the greater that exposure becomes. SearchEstate search boxes are now starting to appear on many websites.

The Pro version of searchEstate offers a great deal more. A thousand automatically mailed ads each month. Twenty advertisements with 100 keywords and strategic exchanges with the top Internet search engines. Commissions on paid members through an affiliate program. Logo ads, Banner Ads, Text Ads and Search Engine Ads are all catered for and tracked by the searchEstate program.

“The key to success is to sponsor others into searchEstate. You can do it by yourself or we can do it for you via our amazing Advertising Co-op. For a limited time, we help you build your downline easily through our 1000 fresh leads each month.”

It seems that now there is an alternative and complete Internet Advertising Solution to paying the major search engines! As we are told, the best route to success is to actually own your own business. Your own Internet Advertising Solution is a great way to promote your main business.

“What if we were to tell you that we can strategically go in and place ads in your billboards that other people will pay for? What if, say, the average pay-per-click fee was $0.10? Something really low cost, just to be on the safe side. Well, for 100,000 ad billboards, just having 1 ad get 1 click per day will net you $1,000 per day, minus our 5-10% service fee!”

Well, that’s certainly something I could live with! After a very concise conversation with the CEO, it seems a very viable proposition. A true “Swiss Army Knife” sort of business solution.

Why pay for your advertising when you get nothing in return? searchEstate seems the perfect solution. Why use anything else? The major search engines are fat enough already. Of course, there will be sceptics. That is why I took the trouble to talk about searchEstate with its founder and joint CEO.

When someone actually shows you how it works, it’s a lot different to just telling you.

There is no limit to a search engine database. It is not reliant upon sustained memberships. It is only reliant upon advertising. Isn’t it nice to know that now the Internet user can grab his/her share of some of the revenues generated?

From the inside, this certainly looks very lucrative. The Beta-Testing has shown amazing and consistent results on the Major Search Engines. searchEstate is certainly capable of achieving it's promise of free web advertising.

About the author:

Michael A Fowler, M.B.A.
Helping people online since 1998.
Creator and Author of 'The MBA Way' system. Expert Author and Web Writer.
Online Trainer and Coach.
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