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Created by a fully qualified sales and marketing consultant to train future network marketing leaders.


Michael A Fowler, M.B.A.


Dear Friend,

Please let me ask you some basic questions;

1). Are you fed up with getting nowhere in your network marketing business?
2). Are you just starting out, or thinking about starting an online business?
3). Are you in a business that suits your needs and expectations in life?
4). Are you full of enthusiasm but can't see a good way forward?
5). Do you want more out of life than your getting right now?

Friend, your in the right place at the right time. After a lot of adversity in this 'get-rich-quick' culture, I found out something - It doesn't exist! Well... At least I thought it didn't until I stumbled on some amazing and life-changing strategies! 

As you probably know, the failure rate in network marketing is around 93% and there are some very good reasons why that figure is so high...

1). There is no system in place.
2). There is little or no training.
3).  You can't get anyone interested.
4).  It takes too long to build a downline.
5).  Your downline loses it's momentum.
6).  You don't have enough time to make it work.
7).  Your downline quits faster than you recruit new members.

Those are the very same reasons for failure that I have personally observed in this Industry... 

Eventually, it all boils down to one thing...

You need a duplicable, easy to learn, prospecting and marketing system, that duplicates with momentum!

A system that you can get started with right away.
A system that you can use to train others quickly.
A system that creates a lot of genuine interest.
A system that builds your downline fast.
A system that maintains that momentum.
A system that takes just a few hours of your time.
A system that retains your downline by performance! 

Tell me something... What would you do, if your Annual Income became your Monthly Income?

Buy that dream house you always wanted?
Purchase that car you dream about every day?
Take more vacations with your family and children?

All the above?

The 'MBA Way' is not an e-book, or some hashed up piece of automated software. It is a proven method that produces residual income streams and weeds out the; 'workers from the shirkers'; the 'doers from the dreamers,' and the; 'serious from the curious.'

Which are you?

Would you commit yourself for a full year, to make this happen for you?

Ok, so your still here ... therefore I'll presume you are quite serious.

I guess your now thinking; 'how much is this going to cost me?'

Here's the price; Whatever it takes, based upon my skills, my learning ability and my ambition.

Like you, I was fed up with wasting my time on people who weren't serious. I lost downlines countless times. I worked hard with people who weren't motivated or serious enough about shaping their future... Until one day I said to myself... 

Sooner or later, the roundabout has to

Here's the difference in thinking; A normal person would have quit and walked away but I don't think like that, ever...

The student decided to become teacher ... 

That was when I started to create my own duplicable system, based upon what I knew was wrong. I then set about putting it right - from the inside - An easy-to-follow, step-by-step system that anyone can understand and duplicate.

A main program with a great payplan, that is as solid as a rock. A feeder program with exclusive leads and it's own generic system, that you can point towards your main program and provides you with a secondary income stream.

That is topped by e-mail's that entice, advice on downline structuring and a support system that is second to none. Mentoring and communications are provided through messengers, voice chat, free telephony and conferencing facilities and our main Yahoo group.

This is also a team effort, so if you like working alone, it's not for you.

The aim of 'The MBA Way' system is to enable you to earn $6,569 a month, within your first year of participation, from your main business.

That's $78,830 a year.

You would have to invest $1,313,840 at 6% interest, to achieve that sort of passive income. Those figures do not include bonuses, or any other payments. That is purely residual income.

Consistent effort and following the easy steps, 1,2,3, will ensure that growth pattern and go on to achieving a true 6-figure income. The mails have been tested for response and the leads are exclusive, therefore you have no competition. What you do have, is a dual income stream that will grow exponentially.

I will show you how to earn the amount of money you need, to provide for the things that you want, to live the way that you choose, where you choose and when you choose! 

I will also explain why so many brilliant people live with lack and limitation, while their 'not so brilliant' counterparts become very wealthy.

Unfortunately, Schools, Colleges and Universities do not teach people how to make money, yet money affects virtually everything in your life.

When you join and participate in 'The MBA Way' program, I start working for you! 

Plus ... there's an even greater bonus - All the income from the feeder program is piled back into buying top quality leads for your business, for even faster growth!

Get excited ... This is the ultimate 'real deal' from a person that's serious about helping YOU!

Truth is, many of the people with huge organizations don't know this information themselves. They have built a large group because they "found" a couple of other people, but they don't know how to continue its growth.

So what you will come away with, is a system to follow and the hands-on, know-how secrets, to develop and train people to successfully duplicate what you do.

You will learn the right formula, the right sequence, the right strategies ... and they are all things you CAN DO, that will produce the right results.

"Let me personally explain my system and why it works for anyone and everyone."

"I don't sell, I educate."

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