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MLM - Replication and Duplication = Retention


Go to any big chain store and you will find it replicated elsewhere. When you visit one, you can rest assured that most of the rest have the same stock and layout. Some of these stores have managers not yet out of their teens. A 19 year-old who may be in charge of a store with a multi-million turnover figure. How is that possible? It is achieved by a system that is replicable.


Systems and Replication…


All major chains have a system in place. If the law allowed it, a 13 year-old could do the same job as a manager in his 40’s or 50’s. Computers add up and take away stock levels. As soon as that level drops to a pre-determined figure, the system re-orders. It tells the manager what has been sold, what has been ordered and in what time frame, so that he can increase or decrease each product item. As soon as the person knows how the system works, they can operate anywhere, in any store.


Having a system to follow creates a culture of duplication. Franchises like McDonalds follow a proven system and once the new owner has been trained in how the system works, that person is near guaranteed success.


How do these systems apply to your MLM or Network Marketing business?


The same applies. Think of yourself as a franchise owner. The highly successful MLM/Network Marketing distributors are those who do not actually have to promote anything. They let the system take over. They trained their people in system management and those people now do the same with their new people.


Working your way out of a job is the main goal when you have a duplicable system in place. Many people go on ‘recruiting drives’ and are highly successful at recruiting new distributors. The problems start when that new person says; ‘Hey, what do I do now?’

The recruiter hasn’t the time to teach his marketing skills, so the new distributor tries a few things out and then quits. That is not what successful MLM and Network Marketing distributors are doing. That is what recruiters are doing.


The result for these people is a lifetime of work. They have to replace what we call ‘attrition’ or in other words, those who drop out. What’s the point in that? None at all that makes any sense. They have simply traded from a Boss to a Business and still trade their time in exchange for money. To retire quickly and permanently, you do not want any attrition rate whatsoever.


You may be a marketing whiz, or know how to get traffic from a major network or some other source but is that skill any good to others? If it doesn’t duplicate for anyone and everyone, then it is no use at all, except for personal use.


That’s not what we want because the MLM/Network Marketing business is built successfully upon a thing called leverage. That is where you can replace yourself with a number of people you have trained in system management. Retire Quickly is the name of the game. Financial Freedom is nice to have but along with financial freedom you need Time Freedom. What good is money if you do not have the time to enjoy your wealth? Imagine that you have a million dollars in your pocket but all the stores are permanently closed…


The correct way forward is to try and work yourself out of employment. If you train others in system management, or if you have a system that automatically trains others, then exponential growth occurs in your business. That means you have created successful leverage within your organization because it is now growing without you.


Most people are not trained in sales. They fear rejection or have other issues that may affect their growth and performance. The good system takes away those fears and replaces sales training with duplication techniques. In other words, what got them started, should now work in getting others started.


There are only a few systems that are proven duplicators. Some are just bit-parts and lack a few important components to make them total. A complete system will have an entry point, proven lead resources, pre-written responses and follow up and a competitive edge.

A complete system might even take and train anyone new, without any personal intervention whatsoever.


Personally speaking, relationships go a long way in this business and people like to know who they are partnering with, so even if you manage to locate a complete system, always offer your help and support to anyone who has trusted you enough to sign on.


The most successful, complete and fully automated system that has been designed so far, is Automatic Builder.


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