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Retirement Issues – Marketing your way to an early and prosperous retirement…

By Michael A Fowler, M.B.A.


Retirement – Hardly a word that strikes any sort of chord with those who are young and have a long road to travel before they retire. For those facing retirement anytime soon though, it most often strikes an element of fear and dread. So, if you are young and reading this, start thinking…


Most people, especially the young, do not see retirement issues as they should. Time cannot be mastered and good business practices can relieve the anxieties of retiring on an inadequate state pension.


One of those ‘best practices’ concerns involvement with online business building strategies and are best thought about, at least 5-6 years before any retirement issues are going to evolve. No-one wants to retire broke!


Network Marketing has always been contentious, in regard to achieving that end result of a prosperous and enjoyable retirement. Some work years at building a business that promises early retirement but never delivers. Others choose the right sort of business to get involved with and are now living the ultimate retirement fantasy.



Working out a Retirement Plan.

A lot of people work the 45 year plan for inadequate retirement. That is where you contribute to a pension fund, for the greatest part of your working life. The only problem with these ‘managed funds’ is that most take a 33% commission for management fees, before investing the rest in your fund.


That’s a lot of Dollars.


The time is getting longer… Most Governments are now contemplating rising the state retirement age by another 5 years. That means you will be 70 years old before you can claim anything. Why not wait till we’re dead? Our dear and caring Governments… But enough about them, we want to talk about you and what you are doing to retire quickly, early and for good. In less than 5 years, not 50 years.


In most cases, self-belief is the number one cause why people do not seek out a viable retirement alternative. We learned to walk, we learned to talk. Now it is time to learn something else. How to market products and services that everyone wants, needs, finds beneficial to their health.


Nearly everyone that I know who is successful in the network marketing industry is involved with health related products. They fit in with the needs of many people who want to avoid ill-health.


When you combine health and wealth, you have a recipe that is destined for success. When you have a company that has put all the principles and methods of attracting like-minded people at your fingertips, how can you go wrong? Put an automated system that does all the ‘donkey work’ for you, into that mix and you have a fully functional and operational ‘business in a box’ system.


That’s what we have to offer you right here, right now. Retiring early in life is a must, if you want to enjoy life to the maximum. You owe it to your family. Most of all, you owe it to yourself, to get out of the ‘rat race’ that society believes is the only way forward. Solve your retirement issues!


You now have 3 ways to go,


1). Return to the main page, carry on reading, view ‘Free Video’ and then ‘Solutions.’


2). Go straight to the business that will ensure your early and quick retirement.


3). Go and view another opportunity, which will probably be a lot less attractive.



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