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Understanding the Concepts of Network Marketing and MLM Distribution-


From the desk of Michael A Fowler, M.B.A.

Understanding Network Marketing...


The failure rate of this industry shows us quite clearly that 97% of people do not understand it.  The 3% that do, are not the 'Gurus' of the internet, who are always looking for the 'next sale' and another mug to believe their hype, despite what you read or think is true...

The people who make at least $8,000 a month and a 'forever growing income' in Network Marketing and MLM Distribution, are the people who build a solid and lasting foundation. They never use dishonest marketing practises to reach people. They don't spam people over the Internet and they're not cold calling 'opportunity seekers' on some 'opportunity' list.

They don't alienate anyone, or stop trying to make them understand the truth about MLM and Network Marketing. What they are doing, is talking to qualified prospects and setting up appointments to make quality presentations and introductions to their business.

The Network Marketing Process

Most people think of marketing as selling something to any dumb prospect they can find, mostly selling him/her something he/she doesn't need.  These people, led by some of the most recognised names in the industry, devote their time and efforts on promoting absolute junk e-books or programs that are fatally flawed. They coerce the prospect into buying things they don't want or need by convincing them that they do.  Have you ever read the so-called 'Testimonials'  from their supporters?  A better name for them would be 'reciprocal links.' 

I approach marketing entirely differently and very honestly...

I have no interest in trying to sell something to someone who doesn't want it and I would suggest that you don't either. True marketing is a simple - yet quite profound and honest philosophy:

"We are looking for people...who are looking for what we can offer."

Put into more understandable terms, it means this:  We look for and identify qualified prospects.  We then put our marketing message in front of them.  We then present them with enough information to make a well-informed decision.

If they then join your business or buy your product, all well and good.  If it means they don't join or buy, that's also good.  Why?  Because someone who has no interest in your product or service, is not going to perpetuate your business in a forward direction.

It's no good trying to sell your business or products to those that don't want, need or desire them.  Your task, is to find the people who want what you have and give them all the relevant information.  They can then decide if your service or business is a fair, or even better exchange of value, with what you require from them, normally either a purchase or subscription.

Sorting Out, not Selling Out...

Network Marketing and Multi-Level-Marketing is much more a sorting process, than it is a selling business.
That is this basic difference in philosophy that separates me from the multitudes of sales trainers, marketing “gurus” and book authors out there.  I take no derisory pleasure in 'selling sand to the arabs.'   I am not here to prove my salesmanship by demonstrating that I can manipulate or con someone into buying something he/she doesn't want, cannot afford, or will not promote.  There's no integrity in that.

I do take enormous pride though, in presenting my marketing message in the best, most effective and professional manner possible but only to qualified prospects.
I want to outsmart, outwit and outperform everyone.  I want to do it by offering a better way of marketing my business and products.  Then I want to market that business and those products more successfully than anyone else.  That is also what I wish for you...

Replication is what the successful teach...

While I specialise in bounce-back mailing, done the correct way of course, I was also fortunate enough to join a company that had studied what worked and what didn't in Network Marketing.  That company produced, after 3 years research and development costs of over $3 million, a system that was revolutionary in concept and design. 

I have also learned what the long-term successful people did and why.  I also discovered what motivates prospects to join my business.  The most important thing that I learned, was how to retain those people and coach them successfully, both in the use of that system and as independent network marketers and MLM distributors.  

Network marketing takes a combined approach.  You have to reach out and take a lot of proactive steps in maintaining your growth rate.  Teaching your downline how to replicate your actions is vital to their long-term success.  More importantly, it is also vital to yours.

"Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day... Teach a man how to fish and he'll eat forever."

How true those words are, a great pity that more people involved with this industry choose to ignore them.  Obviously, a 97% failure rate means only one thing... While they may be 'involved' with this industry, they don't understand it!

If you would like more information about my business and the team that I am part of, then mail me.  Please enclose your details and main e-mail address or you will not receive a reply.  Only reply if you are serious about taking a look at what we can offer you.  I am not a recruiter, I am a sponsor.  Everyone involved with the marketing team is a sponsor.  'Heavy hitters' please go elsewhere ... this is only for serious network marketing professionals and those that wish to learn the business, then retire quickly and permanently.

Sincerely Yours,



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Network Marketing - Avoiding the 'hype not help' mentality... and... choosing a business.

From the desk of Michael A Fowler, M.B.A.

Hello Fellow Netpreneur,

Choosing a business...

In network marketing, you require two main ingredients;

The first are people with faith in your network marketing company and the second is a network marketing company that stays in business. What good is a network marketing company that goes out of business after a few years and takes your hard work and growing residual income with them?

Eh... None!

There are many checks that can be done before joining any internet business...

Don't get carried away by hype!

The first thing to examine, is if the CEO of the network marketing company has any experience in the field of what he is doing, or if he has employed any expert help within that domain.  If he doesn't know what he is doing, what chance has the company got of any survival?  Does the CEO actually participate in his own business?  Is he there to 'be seen' by anyone that joins his company?  Try sending him an e-mail...

In a survey conducted by the Direct Sales Association, distributors of various direct sales companies were asked why they joined their particular network marketing company.  The number one answer was because of their sponsor. Not the Compensation Plan, not the Marketing Plan, not the Products, but the Sponsor. This should be enlightening to all network marketers. However, should this be the most important reason to join up with a network marketing business opportunity? 

I really don't think so!   

OK, so what else should we be checking out?  Let's have a look at the products...

Is there a product? 

Many excuses are made for a 'product' but they are very lame and normaly constitute a breach of FTC rules about MLM and Network Marketing.  The product or service should be affordable, renewable, required, competitively priced and if possible, consumable. 

That has to be good...  Right? 

Right, now what about the PayPlan?  There are a lot of network marketing companies out there that design a PayPlan to their benefit, not yours.  You should be able to earn more than your upline if you sell more products and services than they do.  If you can't, then it's a Pyramid scheme. 

You should also be able to earn a residual income from product sales.  That applies to network marketing and not direct sales.  Why would I rather network marketing than direct sales?  Because for the same amount of effort, you can earn a residual income with upfront commissions as well.  In direct sales, you only get paid once.

Hey... We want to retire, not keep on selling...  

Now... there are many people who think that 'getting in at the top' is the answer to making money.  

In any decent network marketing or MLM company, you will receive the same chance to earn money from your efforts, whether you join at the bottom or the top of the organisation.  Building a business, including a network marketing business, requires investing time and money (mostly time) before benefiting.  There is no such thing as a "get-rich-quick" program that will last.  Never has been, never will be. 

The Federal Trade Commission of the United States has a website devoted to just this subject: 

A further check on any online internet business can be done by contacting the 'Better Business Bureau' for a report of any complaints. 

My friend Bob Burtis, runs a good site that warns of home based business scams and those that perpetuate them.  You can gain access to his site here:

Finally, how long has the company been in business?  Some 80% of companies go out of business in two years or less. That rate may even be higher for online businesses. 

On the other hand, if a company is in business for five years, their rate of staying in business is over 80%.  So the lesson here is to find an established network marketing company to work with or make sure that a newer company has leadership with integrity.

Your time is precious and every day that you work can't be reclaimed.  Building a successful Network Marketing or Multi-Level-Marketing business will take time and effort, so do everything you can to make sure that your time and effort will not be wasted.

Dreams do come true... if you are willing to make the effort and undertake a few sacrifices along the way.  Getting out of your 'comfort zone' is the hardest part of starting anything...  Few things lasting and meaningful were ever made without sacrifice! 

My particular choice of business was AutomaticBuilder... and still is... Because of the reasons mentioned above, plus its automation and marketing strategy that perpetuates continual momentum...


All day, every day, even while you sleep!

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Network Marketing the Right Way...


What is Wrong with the Network Marketing and MLM Industry?

There’s nothing wrong with the Industry itself, it simply lacks the proper modular approach that takes realistic people to where they need to go. Somewhere, the ideology was lost and replaced by selfish acts and deeds. Network Marketing and Multi Level Marketing is about people helping others, in order to help you progress. There is no reward for stagnation or lack of motivation.

Would you send money to someone that you have never met, or do not know?

Yet people do this every day. That’s right, high yield investment programs which never deliver what they promise. Programs that do not have certifiable products. Hype, smoke and mirrors, false promises and rogue vendors are ruining the overall image of true network marketing and multi-level-marketing and turning it into a money game.

How much money have you wasted in past years on such programs? Most so-called networkers can tell you horror stories and most quit after a few years of what they describe as scams, pyramids and schemes. Yet most of these are not MLM ventures or Networking Marketing.

But why take up with such propositions? Businesses that have no track record, CEO’s that hide behind the ‘internet wall of shame’ and products that defy rational belief. In a few words, it’s called greed and gullibility. It is amazing how a speaker at a conference can whip up a frenzy in people and they go home believing what they have heard.

Get Rich Quick – Is it possible?

That depends on what you call quick. To me, personally, quick means faster than the growth of a traditional business model. When you consider that an offline business does not really show much till after a 3-year period, quick would be anything from 9-18 months. The people, who think they are going to do it faster, are most often the casualties of the network marketing and mlm industry.

Are you in business to make money or take money?

Those who choose a successful Network Marketing or MLM model and a solid, debt-free company to promote are most often the winners in this Industry. The network marketing and mlm models are based upon one thing. Sponsorship. Those who know about the responsibilities of sponsorship and invest in their downline, instead of their own self-interests are the people who emerge as winners.

‘Paying it Forward’ is the most successful marketing strategy that a person can employ, yet few are willing to do it. They invest in nonsensical schemes but are not willing to help those they sponsor progress. That is plain dumb. That is what is lacking and therein lays the major problem. We all want the same thing and that is why we join others in business.

Why people think that they must be ‘recruiter of the year’ to build a solid business, defeats me completely. If you are recruiting, you are not sponsoring. The person below you feels let down and drops out. So you go out and find another. Is that what people think network marketing and multi-level-marketing is all about?

If so, they are misguided. There are highly successful people in the network marketing and mlm Industry that have only ever sponsored three people. But they sponsored them, not recruited them. They helped those three to find their three. When they observed the help from above, their mindset altered. Now they are helping their three people to get their three people and so it progresses. A true Network Marketing or MLM success story in the making.

© - 2006 – Michael A Fowler, M.B.A. – All Rights Reserved