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From the desk of Michael A Fowler. MBA


Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

There are many reasons why people get involved with Network Marketing.  For the most part, they are the wrong reasons and that is why failure is imminent.  Yes, a good Network Marketing company with good products and good training can further your development and make you a few dollars but it's the 'Real Reason' that you undertook this way of making a living that anchors your true vocation...

Is it monetary desire?  Is it family values?  Is it an entrepreneurial urge?  or... the main reason most people join a business online - You read about how easy it is to become wealthy and saw pictures of flash cars and big houses?

A real reason would be more family time, a desire to get rid of your 9-5 job, an ambition to make something happen in your life that you are in control of... etc.:
Amazingly, it's the people who join for monetary lust and power, that most commonly fail... 


There is something within the Network Marketing industry that distinguishes the 'type of person' you are.  I am sure that you have read about 'helping others to help yourself' and other such ideals on your travels through cyberspace.

Most people do not understand the power of that statement.  They are too fixated with greed and selfishness to realise that they cannot survive without involving other people and building a relationship with them.  Network Marketing is a people business... 

Money is secondary in building a business, your people must come first.  Without them involved, you have no business and therefore no money.  Common sense... right?   

So why do people persuade others to join a company and then dump them..?  That is so illogical... but it does happen on a regular basis and that really annoys me...

Ask yourself what you want from your business, forget the monetary aspects for now.  Realise that you are at the base of a steep hill and that you must climb that hill, one step at a time.  As you climb that hill, you will find others that will want to walk alongside you.  Treat those others with respect and understanding.  They want to get to the top as well.  Help them get there and you have rewarded yourself by both your effort and their efforts.  It's called duplication.  You must also adjust your attitude level...

Let me explain that in more depth...

If you were employed to paint a fence at $1 an hour, you would tell the employer where to stuff his paintbrush... Correct? 

So why would anyone want to work at their computer for countless hours to earn even less than that?  Lets examine something about my previous statement that is interesting...  You wouldn't paint that fence for a paltry sum of money because it takes time and effort.  You regard the required effort in painting that fence to be worth more than what you've been offered.  You described in graphic detail where the employer could stuff his paintbrush...

A little later, you pass that same fence and a guy is there painting it...  What are your thoughts?

a). This guy is a mug.
b). He must be desperate.
c). I should have done it and made a few bucks.

You see this person a short while later and you tell him that you were offered the job but turned it down because the pay was an insult to your self worth.  You have employed answer a). and b). in that statement.  The guy then explains that he thinks you are right...  He worked hard for 4 hours and did a good job...  The employer was very pleased and gave him a bonus payment of $20 plus his $4 pay.  He actually received $6 an hour for his efforts that he was not expecting...  Now you are thinking along the lines of answer c). 

So, what's this got to do with Network Marketing? 

It's called 'Expectations.'

Why do people who join a network marketing business have such high expectations?  You expected only $1 an hour for your efforts in painting that fence, so you turned it down.  The employer found someone else that would do the job.  You had higher expectations.  The other guy had no expectations but was rewarded for his efforts and a job that was well done.

Enter into a well researched business with an open mind and no expectations.  Work at it diligently and give it time to work.  An offline business takes about 3 years to make a profit.  Check your progress after 18 months and then decide.  Moving from business to business will only cause more frustration.  Look at what you are doing wrong, it's not always the fault of the business.  Again, avoid hyped up marketing sites that don't give you enough information, have no contact details or have no means of supporting you throughout your time in the business.

(c) - 2006 - Michael A Fowler, M.B.A.


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How the Network Marketing system works. LEVERAGE.

A Little Thing Called Leverage.


From the desk of Michael A Fowler, M.B.A.


Leverage – What is it and how do you get it?

You’ve probably heard this term before.  In fact, leverage is what makes the network marketing system work. 


Imagine this:

You work 40 hours a week for a set wage.  That’s what is called exchanging time for money.  You earn $5 an hour for 40 hours, you get paid $200.  Now, to make more money, you work more hours.  Good plan?  Not really... Why?  Because you can only physically work for so many hours a day which means that you are limited to how much you can earn.  Not only that but your standard of living and your health start to suffer if you work longer hours. 


What you need is leverage.

"Network Marketing uses the implementation of the leverage model to help you make money by getting others to work with you and give you a share of what they earn, otherwise known as a ‘residual income.’  Some people refer to this as a pyramid structure.  All businesses are pyramids.  They all have a top figure, the Chairman or CEO.  Then there’s the Vice-Chairman, Senior Directors, Directors, Managers, Assistant Managers, Supervisors and finally the workforce.  Each of these categories has a place within the leverage structure.  The CEO leverages off the entire efforts of everyone below him.  The same applies to each category in turn, except for the workforce because they are at the bottom of the pyramid structure."


You as a network marketer must introduce leverage into your business.  It’s your business, so you are the CEO, the Vice-Chairman and so on... But you are also the workforce.  By persuading others to join you because your business has what others want, you start to leverage upon the work of others and create a residual income.  Now you are still on $5 an hour but you have several people in your organisation, all of whom are working 40 hours also.  Let’s say that those under you are earning $4 an hour because the other $1 is spread amongst the hierarchy in the organisation.  You now have a situation where 7 people are working 40 hours and contributing $40 each into the residual income pool. 


Therefore there is an amount of $280 available for sharing.  As you are the CEO, it would be reasonable for you to get 50% of that pool of residual income.  The rest would be distributed amongst the seniority of the downline structure.  So now you have your $200 plus another $140 by way of leverage, giving you $340.  Did you work more than your normal 40 hours?  No, you did not.  You leveraged your hours worked by getting others involved in the network marketing process.


As time progresses and building a business becomes easier, your residual income increases.  The more people you have in your organisation, the more leverage you have and the more residual income you earn.  That’s why choosing a business that suits the needs of many is so important.  To make money from a home-based business takes time and dedication.  Building a business that lasts, is also very important.  The Better Business Bureau maintains a register of good businesses.  Check out my network marketing articles for more information about choosing a business and why my personal choice was Automatic Builder and Nutronix.


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Looking back through time, we can see all the mistakes that we made.  What we should have done, what should have been, our ambitions that were never met, our dreams that were never fulfilled ...

Where did our ambitions and our dreams go?  What happened to them?  Why did we end up with what we have, instead of what we should have? 

The main answer to that is; Because we weren't focused

Today's society is not engineered towards giving the average person any sort of chance or opportunity.  Let's be honest, if everyone was a successful entrepreneur, there wouldn't be anyone left to serve on tables, work at Walmart or McDonalds on a basic income, or carry out any of the undesirable jobs that most don't want to do for a living. 

Living ... Now that's a good word to pick up on.  Are you living, or just surviving?
Is living just breathing the planets oxygen until you die?  Is life just working until you're too old to enjoy what you should have been doing, some 30 years ago?  Well, that's what your dear Government is telling you.  That is the way of life for millions of average people in the world today. 

The people who tell you that your network marketing business is a waste of time, or that those things just don't work, are the dream destroyers.  They are the people who will happily destroy your dreams, ambitions and focus.  I know from personal experience, that if I had listened to those negative people, I would not have lasted the course to being successful.  It's peculiar that now they are silent ... 

While they were out getting drunk, watching the 'idiot box' or doing other such unproductive things, I was here working on my computer, focused and ready to fulfil my dreams and ambitions.  I can see the reality and I want to be part of it.  I want to be able to work when I choose, where I choose.  Giving up a little today to live abundantly for the rest of your life is an easy decision to make. 

They say a picture speaks a thousand words; well my picture has never altered.  It's one of the first that I ever observed, while looking for a business on the Internet ...  It was a man sitting on a beach, sipping a cocktail, while working on a laptop. 

Yes, that will do nicely ... Thank You. 

You know ... we all have a choice and we all have to make decisions in life.  The greatest decision is what we do with our time.  Personally, I've never cared about what happens in 'Friends' or 'Neighbours' or any of the other soap opera's that make the participants wealthy at my expense.  I would rather be spending my time creating my own wealth at their expense. 

Soap stars will do nothing for you, the negative people will do nothing for you and your Government will do nothing for you.  Do this for yourself.  Embrace your business and be proud of what you represent and it will all come back to you.  Be patient, be focused and believe in your own ability.

I hope that helps someone to achieve success.



(C)  - 2006 - Michael A Fowler, M.B.A.

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