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Nutronix International and Automatic Builder – A home-based business that not only gives you access to some of the finest anti-aging and cutting-edge health and wellness products on the market today; but also gives you a Fully Automated Internet Business Building System. This system, Automatic Builder, will help you reach your financial goals. We are so confident that it will work for you, that we will let you try Automatic Builder, Free of charge for 30 days.





Automatic Builder - is appropriately named, as it does most of the work for you. It can prospect, present, follow-up, enroll and train others to become successful. For the first time in network marketing history, there is a proven system that works for everyone who uses it. It is a true revolution in network marketing that levels the playing field.

With todays frustration in the job market and uncertain business environment, millions of people on a global scale, are looking for a true home based business and secondary or primary income stream. Making money online is an impossible task without such a system and exclusive products to offer others. Few will actually let you try the system before buying anything.


Aging, Health, Retirement and Income - are the primary concerns of millions of people. You have the four main interests and concerns of millions of people, solved right here. Your own, custom built, home based business in a box solution for millions of people worldwide!


Now you can just plug in the traffic and let Automatic Builder do everything else for you – its network marketing on steroids. No auto responders to set up, no scripts to write, no explanations to make. You concentrate on the advertising and we do all the rest for you.


From now, until the year 2012, this Industry is set to boom. Six years of avid interest as the ‘boomer’ generation approaches retirement age. Those 6 years will more than secure your own retirement income, so that you have the funds to enjoy your life to the full.


Get Started Today Network Marketing has never been so easy, or so much fun!    




You can read more about Nutronix and its flagship patented product – Silver Solution by clicking on the above graphic. Be sure to play the video and listen closely to the content.


Nutronix International has an unbeatable range of products to retain health and well-being. Now you can retire healthy and wealthy, with Automatic Builder and Nutronix!

Find out about the importance of regulated Homocysteine levels.Sublingual B-12 Another Life-Saving Product from Nutronix International.

Q. What is homocysteine? I understand that it is a new and important risk factor for coronary heart disease, right up there with high "bad" cholesterol.

A. While not as potent a risk factor for heart disease as cholesterol, homocysteine may be running a close second. Like cholesterol, at high blood concentrations homocysteine can damage artery walls and contribute to the blocking of  blood vessels. Its potential artery-damaging effects  have been suggested for at least thirty years. But only lately has the substance moved, and rather swiftly, to center stage as a risk factor for heart disease. Just this year, for instance, important studies were published in such prestigious scientific journals as:

Circulation: "The results show that homocysteine concentrations now widely accepted as normal are associated with an increased likelihood of coronary artery disease and that this risk increases with rising homocysteine concentrations."

Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology: "For every 10 percent rise in homocysteine, there is almost exactly the same rise in the risk of developing severe coronary heart disease."

Journal of the American Medical Association: "The overall risk of cardiovascular disease was 2.2 times higher in people whose blood plasma had total homocystine levels in the top fifth of what is now considered the normal range."

The New England Journal of Medicine: "In patients with coronary heart disease, the risk of death 4 to 5 years after diagnosis was proportional to the total amount of homocystine in the blood plasma."

SubLingual B-12 Audio



Turning Silver Solution into a Retirement Solution...

A lot of people work the 45 year plan for inadequate retirement. That is where you contribute to a pension fund, for the greatest part of your working life. The only problem with these ‘managed funds’ is that most take a 33% commission for management fees, before investing the rest in your fund.


That’s a lot of Dollars.


The time is getting longer… Most Governments are now contemplating rising the state retirement age by another 5 years. That means you will be 70 years old before you can claim anything. Why not wait till we’re dead? Our dear and caring Governments…


But enough about them, we want to talk about you and what you are doing to retire quickly, retire early, retire forever and in less than 3 years, not 50 years.


In most cases, self-belief is the number one cause why people do not seek out a viable retirement alternative. We learned to walk, we learned to talk. Now it is time to learn something else. How to market products and services that everyone wants, needs, finds beneficial to their health...


Automatic Builder Compared…





Old Way of Building
Network Marketing


Relied primarily on friends and family Global network of interested prospects
Required large product orders to reach
top pay levels
$100 Top Level
You had to attend meetings every week True Online Business
Only gifted presenters could make the big money

AutomaticBuilder System does the recruiting, so anyone can be successful

Got a lot of "no's".
Very, very frustrating.   
Never speak to anyone unless they are interested.
Had to "court" your prospect for a week
or two to get them to join
Most people join without you talking to them
Had to jump through hoops to get paid
on your downline
$100 per month pays you 6 levels deep!

Most of your money was spent on products and sales aids.  Very little spent on actual promotion of your business.

Very little $ spent on product.  Most money is spent promoting your business and driving traffic to your site.

Average product cost $35 - $70 Average Product cost $20
Comp plan payout to distributors
after breakage 40% average

Comp plan payout to distributors after breakage 65% minimum

Takes years to earn $3000 - $5000 in residual income Can reach $3 -$5000 in residual in in as little as 6 months

Owners in Ivory Towers. They were never  distributors and don't understand, nor are they sympathetic, to the challenges of a distributor.

Family owned, former distributors, open to suggestions, accessible.

Phone prospecting and "pitching" for hours and hours. Cold Calling

Simple, Proven, Plan. The  Internet System does the recruiting for you

Hard, Hard Work Easy and Fun
They tried to sell you the dream Allows you to live the dream
The Past The Future of Networking


We will show you how to use our Automated System to build a business in over 60 countries around the world with Nutronix International...

We'll also show you how you can structure your Nutronix business to generate monthly incomes of $2000 - $5000 per month in just 60 to 90 days.

We'll help you develop a long term recurring income with Nutronix International that can pay you $10,000+ per month and more. Much, much more!

All From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

Our Automated System will Present the Opportunity, so you don't have to worry about presentations.

Our Automated System will Follow-up with your people through personalized, highly advanced auto responder systems.

Our Automated System will Enroll and  then Train your new people, giving them all the tools they need to become successful.

It is estimated that 14,000 people per day start a home-based business. There are hundreds of millions of people globally, still looking for a business like Nutronix and an automated business system like Automatic Builder.

Just click 'ENTER' below, to take the FREE TOUR of Automatic Builder...



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The Berry Tree - Brand New Business and Portal for Nutronix International Launches in September of 2007 - Worlds First in Advertising and Automated Business Building!