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My Autobiography - Make money - Be happy!

From the desk of Michael A Fowler, M.B.A.

About me...

I've been told by many that I should write a book.  As long as it's not an autobiography, I could probably manage it.  The hardest thing to do is to write about yourself.  No wonder film stars take years to do it!  Now lets see... Where shall I start?

Although very well educated and having attended at one of the best grammar schools in Wales, I must admit that I found learning and acquiring educational qualifications a lot easier in later life.  Even from my early teens, I was always looking for something to sell at a profit.  It wasn't the money, it was the challenge. 

As my life unfolded, I was aware that I had an enquiring mind.  At the age of five, I was taking apart clocks because I wanted to know what 'made them tick.'  This was not seen as very amusing to my parents as I always had what I called 'spare bits' left over after re-assembly.  Amazingly though, the thing still worked but never kept the correct time again.

I was always interested in selling and making money to re-invest.  The entrepreneurial spirit was inside me and just waiting to unleash itself on the outside world.  After leaving school, I worked in Cardiff for a few years in the banking profession.  That was too boring for my personality and so I decided to join the armed forces, where I served for 6 years.  Joining as a Mechanical Engineer, I qualified with my City & Guilds certificate and associated trade qualifications after just a few years.  I also served on active service duty on 3 occassions. 

Hey... it wasn't boring but my feet were itching yet again...

After leaving the forces, I went self-employed and started building my own business.  Yes... It was hard starting with next to nothing but my sheer tenacity got me through.  Those were hard times, the early years... re-investing what profits I made and working all the hours I could stand.  There's an amazing thing about working long hours though... You don't have time to spend much.  Unless you are married of course... then the wife takes care of it.  Don't blame me... It's what I learnt from a friend, who asked to remain anonymous!

Anyway, due to sheer hard work the business grew.  At the rate of growth at that time, I reckoned on retiring early in life.  A few years later, things started to get more difficult, as a recession started to bite and people started to cut back on purchases.  That lasted a long time and things got very hard indeed.  Instead of working less, I had to work harder and longer to stay afloat.  Then the 'big boys' came to town and all us small businesses were feeling the backlash of their buying power and marketing strategies.

Hey... I'm not getting any younger here -

Time has flown by and I'm not getting anywhere, anymore.  Time for action again as I mount my next attack by taking my business out of the reach of the 'big boys' by changing to specified suppliers that won't deal with multiples!  I ask you... Is nothing sacred?  How much do these guys want?  Everything it seems...

My first computer arrived in 1999 and I didn't know how it worked... 

I had spent a lot of time with a friend who built it and I was like a sponge... sucking up all the information I could about this thing that was going to be mine shortly.  I might have got older but the enquiring mind is still there...  After a few months of 'trial and error' and reading what seemed like 'every page on the Internet' regarding computer operations, I was visited by my brother who was amazed at what I had learned and how far advanced I was.

I realised that my off-line business would always pay a few bills and give me a living but it was still a 'thorn in the side' because of the attention it needed to maintain it.  I started my MBA course shortly after receiving my computer and graduated in September of 2001. 

"Master of Business Administration in Sales and Marketing." 

That was a proud moment for me.  I thought that I was now 'well armed' to tackle an online business and make a career of it. 

Well... I mean... You would... Wouldn't you?

What a nightmare that turned out to be!  My first business enterprise was a scam!  My second was another!  The third folded!  The fourth was useless! 

Oh... Bugger it!  Everythings the same... 

Then I signed up with a FREE business opportunity.  I sold 21 of their products and made $1,050 in my first month.  The second month only saw 3 sales and $150.  The third, none.  The business had become too big, the competition enormous.  Their ads were now everywhere. 

Back to the drawing board...

In all honesty, I was ready to 'call it a day' and hang up my marketing boots altogether!  A few days after that decision was just about made, I was introduced to another business.  I wasn't going to get caught again!  I tore that company inside out... I looked under every stone... Searched everywhere... Demanded everything... Found nothing!

Hey... that was some time ago and I have not looked back since.  You see, there are good businesses out there.  Seperating the 'wheat from the chaff' though is still difficult.  I am so pleased with my business that I want to shout about it from the rooftops.  I have seen it develop into an amazing business that is so far in advance of anything else out there.  So, that's where I am now... A lot wiser and a lot happier with what I am doing and where I am going.

If you would like to know what I found, just click on the guy below and he'll take you there! 

You still here? 



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