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AutomaticBuilder vs Traditional Marketing Methods




Old Way of Building
Network Marketing


Relied primarily on friends and family Global network of interested prospects
Required large product orders to reach
top pay levels
$100 Top Level
You had to attend meetings every week True Online Business
Only gifted presenters could make the big money

AutomaticBuilder System does the recruiting, so anyone can be successful

Got a lot of "no's".
Very, very frustrating.   
Never speak to anyone unless they are interested.
Had to "court" your prospect for a week
or two to get them to join
Most people join without you talking to them
Had to jump through hoops to get paid
on your downline
$100 per month pays you 6 levels deep!

Most of your money was spent on products and sales aids.  Very little spent on actual promotion of your business.

Very little $ spent on product.  Most money is spent promoting your business and driving traffic to your site.

Average product cost $35 - $70 Average Product cost $20
Comp plan payout to distributors
after breakage 40% average

Comp plan payout to distributors after breakage 65% minimum

Takes years to earn $3000 - $5000 in residual income Can reach $3 -$5000 in residual in in as little as 6 months

Owners in Ivory Towers. They were never  distributors and don't understand, nor are they sympathetic, to the challenges of a distributor.

Family owned, former distributors, open to suggestions, accessible.

Phone prospecting and "pitching" for hours and hours. Cold Calling

Simple, Proven, Plan. The  Internet System does the recruiting for you

Hard, Hard Work Easy and Fun
They tried to sell you the dream Allows you to live the dream
The Past The Future of Networking

When you decide to join Automatic Builder, the most powerful business system on the Internet, you will also be partnering with a group of like-mided and dedicated Network Marketing professionals who will guide you all the way.  You have nothing to fear and everything to gain, from becoming involved with such highly motivated people. Our support is second to none in the Network Marketing and MLM Industry. You will become successful by using the methods outlined at the group, in conjunction with the Automatic Builder system.

Why wait?  Join here!

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